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Some company that uses shallow soft-porn marketing in advertisements on urban dictionary to sell t-shirts.
"Fucking Busted Tees advertising all over urban dictionary!"
by tea chest February 08, 2006
The drink of engineering students.
"Look at those engies, they're slamming that red bull down by the carton"
by tea chest February 27, 2006
Coffee! Generally an affectionate term used by coffee lovers.
"I'm heading to the kitchen to get me a cup of joe"
by tea chest February 26, 2006
Clothing made of sheet plastic. Worn by scores of angry fourteen year olds.
"See that kid in the DADA jacket? That's the kind of lining I want for our pool."
by tea chest February 26, 2006
1. Something which belongs to badass musician, Beck.

2. A lovely beer. Supposedly German in origin, tragically brewed 'under liscence' all over the place.
1. "Yo, don't be touchin' that shit, that's Becks."

2. "Beck is a fine brew. A bit of a pity it isn't from Germany, where it's roots lie, because it's brewed in the country of sale because it's cheaper to do so."
by tea chest January 27, 2006
He who sings foul manufactured piss. Associated with a fundamentalist christian "church" (read: nasty ass far-right cult, but with clapping and such)
Guy Sebastian, he's the devil man.
by tea chest November 10, 2006
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