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4 definitions by tdubs

-to spark some bud
-to be hot
-i blazed the blunt
-u got some blaze
-that track is blazin'
by tdubs November 07, 2003
389 245
verb-some girl told me that it means "to get hit by something"....by what, i dont know. i think you can draw your own conclusions.
katie got cocksmoked in the head by a ( gatorade bottle)?
by tdubs March 25, 2005
14 3
-a gram of marijuana
-a respected gangster, thug
-a friend
-a thousand dollars
-I had about a g of that sticky-icky
-That nucca is a straight-up G
-What's up G
-This watch cost me about 3 g's
by tdubs November 07, 2003
3 8
-some very good marijuana (derived from crucial)
-that shit was the croosh
by tdubs November 07, 2003
9 20