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an italian girl who enjoys smoking weed, drinking newcastle beer, and punky reggae parties. She wears her hood up and orders mcchickens often. She is a blast to be with and is always down to sing and dance to sublime, pepper, bob marley, and any hip hop artist. She highly believes in hoffism and the three B's! Beer, Blunts, and Burnetts!!
teresa: do you want another newcastle, spaghetticastle?
jessica: duhh!! three Bs for life!!

ROLL ANOTHER BLUNT and ill take out the pizza.
by tdawgggggggggoobz April 05, 2011
a person who wears their hood up looking like the unabomber but is also italian
teresa: yo where's unavello?
steve: she's out mailing bombs and eating lasagna!
by tdawgggggggggoobz April 05, 2011

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