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Phrase used when someone is sorry for you. Usually said after someone is sorry for something funny and not to serious.
"Yeah guys this new blackberry that you don't have has internet and I'm surfing the web now... sorry bout ya."

"Haha you are dumb man."
by tcallaway February 08, 2010
Slang used for when you are disappointed and/or discouraging someone for usually being dumb or asking dumb questions. A way cooler way to say "come on now".
"Hey coach, what stretch do we do next."
"Hom now, you should know by now, we have been doing this for weeks."
by tcallaway February 04, 2010
Baseball slang used for when someone hits a homerun. Often when used you say "haha" in a higher pitch tone so it's emphasized.
Man, I took that ball yalayhaha.
Dang, he went yalayhaha on that guy.
by tcallaway January 27, 2010
In baseball, hitting a home run that is an absolute bomb. When you just crush a ball that flys out of the stadium in a hurry. Can also be used in a past tense form.
Man these last few games I've been dropping cock on these guys.

"Yo man, you just dropped cock on that guy."
by tcallaway February 04, 2010

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