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4 definitions by tbull07

The asshole of a male. Closest thing to a pussy he has.
Borat: Hows my back pussy?
- Moist
by Tbull07 April 18, 2007
The name us people in Naperville call the city, because we have nothing better to do than make up lousy nicknames.
- You live in Naperville right?
- No, I live in Naper-Thrill
by tbull07 May 08, 2007
To use google as your search engine for porn
I was doing a pornogle yesterday and saw the hottest girl alive.
by tbull07 May 07, 2007
Acne that is exclusively on someones chin. Mostly happens to athletes who need chin-straps for sports (football, lacrosse, hockey etc.)
Tom was a cool kid but never could hook up with a girl beacuse he had terrible chine.
by tbull07 May 10, 2007