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She's the coolest girl you will ever meet. She's beautiful with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice ass. She's down to earth, outgoing, cute, and funny. She loves to party, and hang out with her friends. She has a hard time trusting other people, but the people she does trust mean the world to her. She always keeps her pinky promises. Shes the type of girl you can tell you secrets to, smoke a blunt and party with.
Tayler is the coolest girl!
#tayler #ass #coolest #blonde #cute
by TayTay11 November 29, 2012
The coolest way to say "shut the fuck up". Forget stfp, this is waaaayyyyy better.
"Shuckup!" I said to the annoying person.
#shut up #stfp #shut #up #shutup
by taytay11 February 09, 2010
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