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2 definitions by taylorkid111

When some fucktard feels the need to kill with a grenade launcher or bazooka on COD because they were accidents born on the M20 and have no skill
Fag, fuck you, bitch u just noobed me, noob tube
by taylorkid111 March 01, 2012
The transition in life when you stop playing call of duty 24/7 and decide to play decent games that actually vary and add new features with sequels. A phenominon that occurs during puberty is that most realise that their pre-pubesent rage voice did in fact ruin the enjoyment if others. A few people fail to realise this and decide to continue raging and threatening the children that populate the servers of COD. Guy 1: wanna go play some COD. Guy 2:Bitch please i've gone through puberty so im gonna play skyrim or mass effect.
by taylorkid111 September 02, 2012