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To steal/rob off with something or somewhere
Bullet Tooth Tony: "Someone blagged bricktops bookies last night"
Random American Wanker: "Tony, for christs sake you invented the language, speak english"
Bullet Tooth Tony: "Blagged, means robbed innit"
from Snatch
by Taylor January 24, 2005
a computer geek known by the name of 'lard' whose bmx part of his online name is close to non-existent...he is a workaholic and when not workin likes to think he is pro at newgrounds but all he does is 'blam' and lick the a-hole of legendary frog. will most likely add his own definition sayin he is super-mega-ultra cool in the near future.
jamie: hey stal coming for a ride 2nite?
1.stal: nah cant i got work
2.stal: nah cant im 'doin college work(*cough* blammin)
3.stal appears to be away and may not respond
by taylor March 11, 2004
Feeling stupid; Crunch
Don't you feel Crunchy,
Crunch when someone does something stupid
by Taylor August 22, 2003
belly button sex.
i want to have bbs!

can you get pregnant from bbs?
by taylor February 20, 2003
when you are going to drink you call it oh my
hey are we gonna oh my at jons house tonight
by taylor June 15, 2003
A game like beer pong... but better.
by Taylor March 24, 2003
Kick your ass, basically.
"Shut the fuck up fo' I bust a cap up yo ass."
by Taylor November 17, 2004

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