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139 definitions by taylor

a person who pretends to have actual problems just to sing about and complain but really doesnt have any problems. charactoristics of an emo:
-males wear their sister's mascara and jeans
-cut their wrists to "let out all their troubles and emotions"
-will stay in their rooms for HOURs doing nothing but listening to my chemical romance and hawthrone heights, crying and pondering the exitence of humans
-their girls look like dudes with their short hair,,, and their guys look like girls with their long, side parted hair.
- you'll almost never see an emo with out their ipod
-almost all who claim to be emos aren't and all who dont even talk to u except for complaining are.....
emo kid = are cutters and have No LIFE!!!
by Taylor June 19, 2006
9 27
a racial slur for someone who is of more than 2 colored ethnicities
If you are an African-American/Native American/Asian mix, you are a clown

NOT an example: Russian/Irish/British
by Taylor June 19, 2006
5 23
A long sleeved t-shirt
thats a nice scivvy your wearing today
by Taylor April 26, 2005
40 60
a bitch ass mexican
You fuckin spitch, go eat a burrito..
by Taylor May 06, 2003
5 26
Thats right ma nigga.The term used primarily by african-americans. if a white boy uses it, hes liable to get a beat down.
Black man 1. yo nigga, you want some

Balck man 2. Fo shizzle my nizzle!
by taylor March 11, 2004
5 27
Ymani is one weird girl. She likes to be weird. Thinks she's funny...

but not. Not cool at all.
That was really ymani of you.
by Taylor February 25, 2005
7 30
v. to look at somebody and desire them, to feel chemistry between oneself and another person and wish to act upon it
Yesterday I met this girl who I couldn't help but finagle.
by taylor January 04, 2005
5 28