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A derogatory term for forum posts which contain a direct or nearly direct copy-and-paste of memes, posts from older forum discussions, or other material, often accompanied by an attempt to pass off the contents as new and original. Commonly seen on 4chan.org's Random ("/b/") forum.
> I went to Taco Bell and tried
> to spend a $2 bill, and the
> cashier had no idea what it
> was and called the cops.

by taylen24 June 11, 2010
An early morning, pre-game poop giving fantasy football owners alone time to ponder their lineups and adjust as needed. It often leads to over-thinking possible scenarios and making too many adjustments, usually negatively impacting the team's performance. Popularized by the character Rodney Ruxin on the FX show "The League".
Guy 1: Dude, where have you been all morning? The first games are about to kick-off!
Guy 2: I didn't know whether to start Fred Jackson or Andre Johnson in my flex position. I needed a long tinker stinker to adjust my team and eventually I changed my whole lineup around.
by taylen24 October 14, 2013

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