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3 definitions by tawnie :D

Actor who plays in "The Covenant". Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Plays one of the 5 sons of Ipswich. Sex master
If only he was Steven Strait...
by tawnie :D June 16, 2008
41 8
My future husband. A sex god. Sex on legs. Drop dead gorgeous. Man who will be playing the infamous Edward Anthony Cullen in the movie "Twilight" based on Stephenie Meyer's amazing book series named "Twilight". My obsession.
Oh my god. Robert Pattinson is the sexiest male on this earth.
by tawnie :D June 16, 2008
590 657
Dumb bitch who gets to kiss Robert Pattinson in Twilight.
Also plays in:
Panic Room
Catch That Kid
The Messengers
In The Land Of Women
What Just Happened

And she smokes weed :]
Oh, did you see Kristen Stewart in "Twilight", she got to kiss Robert Pattinson, lucky trick.
by tawnie :D January 29, 2009
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