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3 definitions by tatubaron

After a couple of non eventful attempts you finally sit down to take the shit of the day.
"Man," Roscoe said closing the bathroom door,"that was the Poop-Du-Jour!!"
by TatuBaron April 21, 2009
Like 'de ja vu', or 'havent we seen this before' meaning an experience from the past that was very similar...De ja audio is when you have heard the same story before...
"Hey man, I think by BS detector went off." Bob said.
"Yeah, I know," Eric replied, "Isn't this 'de ja audio'?"
by tatubaron March 14, 2010
an acronym,taking the first letter of every word in the phrase, 'Bend over, here it comes again.'
'Well, Billy Ray, looks like we're bohica, one more time.'
by TatuBaron February 26, 2008