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To follow the group as it has the majority or a vast number of followers
jenny jumped on the bandwagon for fear of appearing the outcast of the group
by tatsel24 August 26, 2004
Pill Popping Jukebox is a term used to describe DJ's who only play other peoples songs. They will tend to dance around playing with controls on the deck in front of them as if they are contributing somehow to the music.

PPJ's often feel empowered by the fact that people are dancing to the music being played while they are behind the deck.
When infact most people in clubs will dance to anything that is played, often dancing to sound checks.
Person 1: omg look at the DJ he thinks hes a god or something.
Person 2: yeah he is such a PPJ
by Tatsel24 January 06, 2008
Having the amazing ability to recollect random inane memories or facts with great detail.
Person 1: "That guy has stalker memory"
Person 2: "What do you mean?"
Person 1: "He remembers the smallest details about everything, even stuff that I forgot about myself.
by Tatsel24 July 03, 2013
Someone who gets most of their information from Wikipedia.
They will often in a war of words use the site as a constant reference resouce to try and "outsmart" anyone who may attack their intelligence.
Person 1: "oh yeah? well did you know that insert random factoid?
Person 2: "Dude you are so wikifukt!
by Tatsel24 December 19, 2007
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