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(Noun) Any person male or female who is on the constant hunt of the cock. They can not sleep, drink, work, or eat without constantly being on the trail. They are the bloodhound for the penis. They like them big thick and juicy.
Terri(y) is constantly looking for cock, she/he is a cock hound.
#penis #dick #cock #cum slut #whore
by taterus maximus April 11, 2009
This is a man who is extremely masculine. Usually a body builder who only talks about masculine things. Afraid to show a shofter side the ubermasculine man can be found in a gym or occupation that requires extreme masculinity. Some ubermasculine men are found in the straight community, however the gay community also has uber masculine males. Ubermasculine themes include motorcycles, body building, tattoos, supplements, facial and body hair, or anything else that would be considered masculine. The general theme is to be more masculine than 99 percent of males.
Bob body builds, has tattoos, smokes, rides a Harley, wears leather, and fucks males and females because they are less of a man than he is. He is ubermasculine.
#masculinity #man #leather #butch #body building
by taterus maximus April 13, 2009
This person male or female shys aways from any male stereotypical behavior. Being totally fiminine in nature, an uber feminine woman is constantly doing things that are termed "girly". From makeup to hair, to fashion the uber feminine are generally submissive to the masculine and are extremely lady like. These are the delicate roses of our world. The fair maidens who are looking for a hero or anyone to rescue them. In the old south they would be the southern belles. These women and men don't sweat, they glisten!
Tara is ultra feminine, she is lady like and proper. She has great manners and is only concerned with things that are stereotypically considered pertaining to women. She is uber feminine.
#feminine #delicate flower #femaleness #gender roles #uber
by taterus maximus April 13, 2009
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