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1. A penis that looks like a potato

2. A person that has a penis that looks like a potato

3. A human shrek

4. A fat guy that thinks he's "toning up"

5. A fat retard that is constantly "hazed"

6. Any member of the Stahl species
Jake:Have you seen that Stahl's penis?
Joe: I heard it looks like a potato
Jake: And his fat ass thinks he's toning up
Joe: What a retard
Jake What a taterdick
by taterdick February 02, 2010
1. A living, breathing, walking pile of human feces.

2. The result of a Darney.
That Potier never brushes his teeth.

Why is there Potier all over the bedroom floor?
by taterdick February 02, 2010
1. To shit ones' bed.

2. To shit on one's self.

1. An extremely large pile of shit.

2. A situation that defies explanation.
He got so drunk last night that he Darneyed.

Holy fuck, that is a huge Darney!

What is this Darney?
by taterdick February 02, 2010

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