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Things that life taught you, often at your expense.
John : "Hi, Anna, how are you ?"
Anna : "Not so good... This morning I stubbed my toe. Then I spilled coffee on my blouse, I had to change clothes. Of course, I missed my bus and was late for this very important meeting."
John : "Yeah, mornings suck, that's life 101."
by tatal35 October 11, 2009
Waste of time, money and energy that leads to nothing.
I was so disappointed I couldn't make it to the 2-days convention "pencil-sharpeners in the future".
But then Fred told me they couldn't even agree about manual or electric.
It's been such a Copenhagen 2009 !
by tatal35 December 19, 2009
to faint when hearing the result of an election
I was so happy on the 4th, I almost OBed
by Tatal35 November 09, 2008

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