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A person who is totally mad or insane. A hybrid of Fucking looney.
A person who completely loses it and goes crazy.
"Did you see how Adrian carried on just because he didn't win, he threw the pieces across the floor, that Adrian is a complete flooney."
by tastefully smutty November 14, 2011
The quick smile a woman has when she randomly recalls the size of her ex boyfriends extraordinary huge penis.
Mel: "I once went out with a guy who was hung like a horse."

Mark: "Wipe that hung smile of your face girl, you left him years ago"
by tastefully smutty November 30, 2011
A woman who derides or criticises another woman's boobs.
A woman who can pick every obvious fault with another woman's boobs
"Wow check out that woman's tits they are spectacular" said, Mark.

"No way, they are lopsided and saggy" said Mel.

"Gee Mel who made you the tit sheriff?"
by tastefully smutty November 30, 2011

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