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Saffa is a term used for South African immigrants taking over a country (usually London)
Check out all the Saffa's!
by Taryn April 16, 2004
Supposedly comes from People of her majesty the Queen.
Meaning English people living in Britain
Here come the pommies
by Taryn April 16, 2004
A person who has participated in anal sex so many times that their anus no longer closes back up afterwards, and therefore resembles a tunnel.
I don't know if I want to have anal sex anymore because I'm afraid of becoming a tunnel butt slut.
by Taryn June 04, 2004
gross, disgusting; not pleasant.
That old man at Victoria's Secret was grotie!
by Taryn November 18, 2003
ahh townies how i do loath them they even invade the country u d think you d be safe on the isle of wight but no its infested this is most noticeable in the ryde area wher there are alot of "dirty goffiks" as we are lovingly knowen as they spend their friday and saturday nights drinking cheap cyder in the ice rink or crappy pubs at the bottom of the high street and the hanging round outside the royal squadron the "batty goffs" pub looking for a fight. I pity them they are goning to grow up as nothing and live sad lives trying to immitate the bratz doll collection and failing misarbly most of the females look like they ve been used to clean a toilet and the boys look like they got dressed in the dark. What is the constant obbsession with starting on alteritives and goths all we do is sit smoke and try 2 learn at school and they r always homophobic what do they have against gays and bis. townies are a disease and there should be a vacination.
my argument with stupid townie slapper:
townie:r u a goff?
me:no i m jus spectrumly challenged
townie:wha?!?!? u starting
me:no but you have the personality of an apple
Townie:(after long time)but... apples dnt hav personalities
Townie:stupid dirty goffik and ur a dyke 2 u scab
me:yup u gotta a problem
townie:(after bout 5 min) shut up (then walks off looking confused)
by taryn November 04, 2004
To stab someone with a suitably sharp object but in a harmless way.
I Sgarp your shoe into the ground.
by Taryn July 31, 2004
Occurs when you spill your chai latte all over the counter at Starbucks and the extremely gay barista yells "We have a Chai disaster out front! Get a mop, Stat! It's a chaitastrophe! Hurry, people are drowning out there!", in a very annoying falsetto voice, thereby embarassing you in front of the whole coffee shop.
I spilled my chai yesterday in Starbucks. It was terrible, a real chaitastrophe.
by Taryn June 04, 2004
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