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Holy Cross is the best all girls school around and every girl from seton, visitation, good counsel,stone ridge, etc. wishes they could go to holy cross. A holy cross girl grows to become a woman of courage, compassion, and scholarship. Girls from visitation, stone ridge, and so on sweat the holy cross girls and all guys from gonzaga, prep, dematha, etc. wish that they could be with a holy cross girl. Don't know how to find a holy cross girl? look for the signiture ribbon in her hair and puple and white clothing. Girls from good counsel,visitation, and so on all sweat the ribbon! At holy cross a girl is sisters with every single lady of the academy no matter what race, year, or age they are. They always find a way to have fun at mixers and formals even if a few lights are on! "once a holy cross girl...always a holy cross girl."
Visitation Girl: I hate holy cross girls!!
Gonzaga Boy: I LOVE holy cross girls!!!
by tartans2004 December 19, 2004
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