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A transformer that original fought for the autobots but defected to the decipticons on the promise of a wealth of gash.
Dam, that gashatron only thinks of one thing, he needs to sort his priorities out.
by Tarquin08 May 25, 2008
Definition 1
An extended period of sexual activity, in which the male receives little or no pleasure.

Definition 2
A significant length of time chasing after gash with minimal success.
Damn, I can't believe you licked that girl out for nine hours last night, that must have been a right gashathon.

Damn, Maurice has has been on a gashathon for months now, if only he got some poon he might chillax.
by tarquin08 May 25, 2008
verb. The process of the growing of the schlong due to arousel.
Damn, this bitch was so fine I couldn't help but eschlongate on the spot.
by tarquin08 May 25, 2008
noun. An establishment containing more than its fair share of gash. A place one goes in search of some wenching.
In reference to "rock the gash bar"-The Clash
"gash bar"-Electric six
Damn, this gash bar is moist with poon.
by tarquin08 May 25, 2008
The art of stimulating a female acquaintance,using only the plumage of a bird, most commonly a feather.
Damn, I gave that girl multiple plumagasms lats night, but she does wonder where I pick up these feathers from.
by tarquin08 May 25, 2008
The act of talking complete gash, even when everyone knows how much gash you are spewing.
That boy Kenzie has complete gash breath, he tried to tell me that a jaffa cake contains only one gram of fat.
by tarquin08 May 25, 2008

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