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3 definitions by tarquin

A tampon
Used by females during their 'monthly bleed'
by Tarquin June 19, 2003
The french pronouciation of 'beef' usually used in the UK to describe an overly-used Vagina
Just look at her sweaty Beuf
by Tarquin June 19, 2003
Plural of stan. As in person from Pakistan residing in England.
"Them fucking stans are taking over" - Observation.

"I'm gonna get some rice from that stan market" - When needs must.

"The only good thing about stans, is that they cook a cunting good curry" - On night on ale.

"That must be a fucking stan car" - When hearing a car stereo before it's in sight. Also, on seeing a shit MR2 that has had tinted windows and big bore exhaust.

"Aw fuck. I've gotta sit next to a stan" - Worst case scenario. Only one seat left on public transport.

"I wish all them stans would fuck off" - Best case scenario.

"Fucking hell mate, you're stinking like a stan" - friend who has severe body odour problem.
by Tarquin October 26, 2004