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Regional variation of the popular playground game the 'Hokey Cokey'.

A large mound of cocaine is formed on the ground, which is typically achieved by the participating children pooling their stashes.

The players then form a ring around the pile of charlie and chant "Ohhhh, the Stokey Cokey", while holding hands and rhythmically centring in and out on the drug.

Whenever the players are in proximity of the mound, they are encouraged to snuffle as much chalk as possible before the ring expands outside of reach.

Not to be confused with the "Cokey Stokey", a similar game usually played by the upper classes, in which a drug addled man from Stoke is placed in the centre of the group and taunted by similar chants and motions.
"Fancy a game of Stokey Cokey?"
by tarmac April 21, 2005
"I think he's a bit of a daffy-twacker".
by tarmac April 21, 2005
"She's a bit of a spazblast."
by tarmac April 21, 2005
"There's a lobwad standing outisde my house."
by tarmac April 21, 2005
"I can't believe you're such a nun-renter."
by tarmac April 21, 2005
The horse, the big H, brown sugar.
"Kev's not looking so well."
"Must be back on the hez."
by tarmac December 06, 2009
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