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worst place to work at, if your in highschool. Even worse if your over 25 and are a team member not an LOD or teamlead. You get treated like shit an pushed to work long hours while being expected to finish 10 hours of work in 4. Everyone says its "Fast,Fun,and Friendly" when its really "Gay, Boring, and Pointless" cause you can never finish and the store always looks like shit. You get written up/ talked to for calling off because of actually being sick or a emergency. NEVER make friends here cause everyone is an asshole and just want you to work. LOD's make you do their work and you get yelled at for not finishing it. After a year of hard ass rape and sucking dick, you realize that you wanna quit and fuck everyone over just like they did to you. Oh and team members who go back to target when not working just to "shop" and actually just go to see their "friends" and chill are dumb fucking assholes, seriously you got nothing better to do? You complain about being there yet you go back there like a dirty fucking dog when not working.
Target sucks, everyone is an asshole. I know this cause I work there. Fuck target and their "Fast, Fun, Friendly" policy. Also "guests" are dumb asses, look for the item first then ask me, or try reading the big fucking signs above your head.

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