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to be used as a response instead of saying cool or word

a much more sophisticated phrase used by those who inhabit the boobie kingdom

derived from the latin "horse puppy"
tara: jess why are you never online?
jess: tara why are you an albino?
tara: stallion weeners.

jesse: im totally gender confused...
tara: stallion weeners.

jenny: my ass looks dicknormous in these jeans!
tara: stallion weeners.
#horse #puppy #stallion #weeners #cool #word
by tara tart cart April 08, 2008
adjective: to be awkwardly fat.
katie: yo, did you see jesse's fat back?
tara: yeahh it was dicknormous!!!

katie: why is larry naked and scared?
tara: he was almost attacked by a dicknormous horse puppy!
katie: ohhh, stallion weeners.
#dicknormous #horse #puppy #horse puppy #fat #awkward #kankles
by tara tart cart April 08, 2008
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