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v. getting you dick sucked while doing somthing hella cool like eating a sandwitch or playing video games.
Cupcake resived mega dome from buttercup while playing video games.
by tara June 18, 2006
One who follows and understands the workings of JRR Tolkien's trilogy The Lord of the Rings.
She has duplicates of Gandalf's robes, shes such a Tolkienian.
by Tara February 28, 2005
Term employed at the moment of victory in a good-natured but keenly-fought competition. Often used to underline the irrefutable statement that wins an argument. Compare booya.
"...and thus we see, Professor Wildenstein, that while your algorithm does in this case return results mapping closely to the derived Fourier Transform Analysis, the floating k-values characteristic of a myoglobin fold structure would inevitably skew your model toward an unpleasant Agarotti effect. Boom cha."

by tara August 09, 2003
It is either a bad situation something bad or wrong has happened
Boy am I in a kurfufel now
by Tara April 20, 2005
A non-friend that is a minister who never makes time for his friends. Vermons are also known for making 12:30am phone calls after having SEVERAL Jack & Coke's and smoking his favorite cigars. Also known for planning PATHETIC April Fools jokes with a slanny.
The Reverend Jeremy is a big ole Vermon.
by Tara March 29, 2005
another word for beautiful
Shley is so priiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
by Tara May 11, 2004
Friend of Jesus Christ
Yea, I'm a complete FOJC, love the guy
by Tara March 31, 2004

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