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townies anit all fuckin bad, dey hang round wiv gangs, stick 2 gether when der m8s get in trouble, anit n.e fuckin fing like d people hav written on here bout dem, d clothes dey where anit jus from d market, sum townies av quite abit of money, people say dat townies r prejuduce to goths n pikes n normal people ect.....well fuck up yeh been prejuduce to us!!! to us we are d normal people. not all d burberry townies av r fake n not all d jewellery eitha, u fink u all no wot a townie is well u fuckin know shitall bout dem.

girl townies dont all die their hair blonde, 4 most of us its fukin natural, dey dont all wear fukoff big earrings. dey av decent makeup n fuckin ell u sayin dat we got ache yeh..... well i anit beein funny, but we int d only people who mite hav it, most of dont! dey aint sluts, n dont go round struttin' seeing who dey can pull 4 a quick shag!

guy townies dont go round finkin dey hard. most of dem probably are... der int n.e fing rong wiv d clothes dey wear... its style dese dayz get use 2 it!

townies are proud of who they are and dey aint afraid 2 show it so fuck off!!!
we all livin, so fuck up bein prejuduce against us! u no shitall bout us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l8trz init
by tanya n jesi January 04, 2005

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