22 definitions by tanya

the art to hurry up or say somthing when there is nothing to be said at the moment.
say this when there is complete silence
vamoosh, rite now


by tanya February 28, 2004
I stupid...me kno nothing
I.S. didn't ya kno that?
by Tanya December 31, 2003
being really punk
i'm listening to rancid, i'm so punx0rz!!!!'

look at that girl wearing safety pins in her nose, she's so punx0rz!!
by tanya December 26, 2003
Discount furniture store. Where you want to go to get a sofa that will be full of sawdust.
What a d.f.s house!
ewww totally d.fs!
by Tanya November 21, 2003
a hairy cheesy pussy with brown shit
by Tanya March 11, 2003
To like someone
Lisa is shanday for Ben
by Tanya May 06, 2004
Synonym for excited.
usually used by white guys. usually preps or surfers. this word should be banned.
I'm totally stoked for this saturday! but make sure i'm home by curfew!
by Tanya October 30, 2004

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