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1) a phoneme created when air friction is introduced at the back of the throat
2) the "ch" sound in Yiddish, as in chutzpah
3) the sound a woman makes when she finds something or someone to be contemptible
(uvular fricative) Mr. Smith, this homework is so (uvular fricative) like (uvular fricative) lame. Why don't you just (uvular fricative) like shoot me in the face.
#disgust #sigh #contempt #innate #female
by tanxenchou May 07, 2011
an onomatopoeic word meaning "a pleasing sound resulting from two objects colliding," for example, the sound of a driver hitting a ball off a tee or the sound of a fastball being driven to the gap
That tee shot was perfect; I was like---schpink---and the ball was gone, 280 yards at least
#bip #smack #whiff #smash #wail
by tanxenchou May 07, 2011
a woman who is a "slow cooker," has to process "stew" her anger over a long period of time before she will express it to her mate
Bob: Why the long face, Herman?
Herman: My wife's a crock pot.
Bob: She found out you blew the tax return on your new Harley, huh?
Herman: Yep, now I've got to wait three days before I hear, "We've got to talk."
Bob: Yowza! Hey, since you've got three days, let's go to Vegas.
#laconic #silent treament #passive-aggressive #brooding #pensive
by tanxenchou May 07, 2011
very small penis, the size and circumference of a tater tot
Guy: I was showering at the gym yesterday when Donald Trump walked in wearing this designer thong.
Woman: What did it look like?
Guy: Like a partially amputated thumb sticking out of some cotton candy.
Woman: No, that was just his tater tot
#penis #dick #chimichanga #unit #cock
by tanxenchou May 07, 2011
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