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A sexy word used to turn a girl on, usually when sitting behind her at a movie theatre.
"Hey...pssst...I just rubbed popcorn butter on my weiner!"
by tankin355 October 13, 2007
A fatsickle is produced when a fat, bald, caucasian man sticks his black dick in a tray of ice to get a boner and to get the sweat off his dick to impress his "lady-friend" of the night, then he sticks his fatsickle in her.
"I have frostbite on my fatsickle; warm it up tang'"
by tankin355 October 13, 2007
A man who decides to go on a diet and throws away all his junk food, only to eat it out of the trash later that night because he can't control himself. He is usually so ashamed of his fatass that he won't get up from his seat at the movie theatre even when he really has to pee (and poop all the food he ate; he is embarassed that his fat ass will brush across everyone's face because he is so fat.
If you can't get the shit stains out of your workpants, we are going to have to let you go, fatass!
by tankin355 October 13, 2007

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