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When you mention someone's name (typically someone you don't like) a few times in a conversation, and end up running into them a very short time later as though you "conjured" them up by saying their name three times (as in the movie "Beetlejuice".)
Eve and I were talking about Dreena, and then we went out for Chinese. Not *5* minutes later did she show up, and come over to our table! We had so beetlejuiced her! Ugh!"
by tankedgirl April 04, 2010
A person who frequently tries to initiate sex (typically oral) when you are on the phone.
Astrid: I was calling my boss and Levi kept trying to pull my skirt down and get busy while I was talking to him!

Annabella: What a total phone fucker!
by tankedgirl June 27, 2010
When friends and relatives give you unsolicited and typically unwanted psychological counseling
Florian: "You can do so much better than him. You just need to get out more and have more self-confidence."

Astrid: "Save your Dr. Phil dollars, you're not my shrink!"
by TankedGirl March 04, 2011
The several times you and your significant other break up and then try once again to get back together and "make things work this time."
Jessica: So, how's the reconciliationship attempt going with Julian?

Neph: I'm pretty sure to work this time. I mean, we've only broken up sixteen times before, so this one should be the *one*, right?
by tankedgirl September 24, 2010
trendy shoes or boots that look just like something a stripper would wear at work
"Oh my God, did you see those whoreshoes that Tiffany's wearing? Did she just finish a lapdance or what?!"
by tankedgirl January 15, 2010
an affliction in which a person (males have a much higher rate of infection than females) ignores something extremely important that he must take care of, and instead "sticks their head in the sand" like an ostrich in an attempt to forget about the pressing issue completely
Zephora: "Doesn't Gabriel have that court thing tomorrow?"

Priscilla: "Yes, but he has total Ostrich Syndrome about it. I'm not even sure he's going to show up for it!"
by tankedgirl October 31, 2010
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