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A place where tools like to frequent.
I wanted to go to that new club, but I heard it was a tool shed.
by tankboy September 20, 2005
A young woman that is far too young for an older man to hook up with, but is still very pleasing eye-candy.
That bartender is way hot! Too bad she's just a Chicklet.
by Tankboy February 13, 2006
1. A homosexual act where one man engages in anal sex with another man and grabs his man boobs so hard that it leaves "claw" marks.
2. A sexual act, where a man has vaginal sex from behind, clutching her breasts so hard that it leaves "claw" marks, and just prior to orgasm, withdraws his penis and inserts it in her anus.
3. Another sexual act, the woman penetrates her man anally with the use of a "strap on", and grasps his man boobs so hard as so to leave marks.
1. Mark's partner Richard was so fond of giving him a Dutch Lobster that he had to wear t-shirts in the summer to cover the scratches.
2. Me: Dude, we were so wasted last night, my girl let me give her a Dutch Lobster
Dude: No way!
Me: Yeah, but she made me pay for it.
Me: I gotta be the Designated Driver to her friends baby shower next weekend.
3. Girlfriend: I can't believe my man!
Gay Male Friend: What happened?
Girlfriend: He got me wasted and did the old Dutch Lobster on me!
Gay Male Friend: Well... What did you do?
Girlfriend: Got my old strap-on, waited til he fell asleep, and gave him a Dutch Lobster!
Gay Male Friend: Oh girl, next time invite me over for a little Lobster!
by Tankboy February 13, 2006
The vaginal area of the homosapien sapien is referred to as a " Wookie," by Star Wars aficionados, this is because of the overgrowth of hair follicles resembling Chewbacca and it's also referred to as Wookie Nookie.
"Man I tried to hook up with this chic, but she was smuggling a Wookie."
by TankBoy May 31, 2015
1.A place, typically a bar or nightclub, where tools are known to congregate.
2. Any place where there is a high percentage of tools.
3. Any place (bar, nightclub,etc.) that comes highly recommended by a tool.
1.We went to that new club, but it turned out to be just another toolshed.

2. Dave told me about that place, but if he thinks it's cool, it's got to be a toolshed.
by Tankboy November 14, 2005
A military man's stay-at-home wife. Sometimes keeps up with the arduous tasks of shining boots, picking up laundry, and shopping, but mostly just a strain on meager Department of Defense budgets, and the military husband. The name is derived from where said wife spends most of her time, and the number 6 is the designation for a commander of a Company/Troop, Battalion/Squadron, Brigade/Regiment, Division or Corps.
I really wanted to go to your going-away party, but household 6 pulled my dispatch.
by Tankboy February 13, 2006

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