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3 definitions by tankass

Someone who is totally lame, acting like a tard or is one of those people bullets are made for.

see asshat;lamer;rob minervini;ryan culver;
Oh, my, god, Rob you are such a reebo.
by Tankass June 10, 2003
90 32
Middle Of the Road
Most "rock" music would be labelled M.O.R. if Rolling Stone didn't have their heads so far up their own arses.
by tankass May 20, 2003
9 9
What's up with that?

From rhyming slang: what's the story? = what's the john dory? = what's the john?
Tank: Simpsons aren't on tonight. Big Brother is on instead.

Dave: What's the John?
by tankass May 20, 2003
6 7