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To screw a slut in the ass and then titty fuck her with your shitty dick.
by Tangy April 01, 2003
A complete and total lier, possibly lies just to have something to say.
"insert name here is a condoleeza."
by tangy January 29, 2005
for a female to use her finger to pleasure herself; felame masturbation
Everytime Joe walks by, Vicki can be seen throwing a finger down
by Tangy March 25, 2003
A perfectionist term used to define the glorious, most superb, ingenious, incredibly excellent tangy.
Wow Tanginator, you are freakin amazing.
I wish I could be just like Tanginator.
Tanginator is the joy of jonaD's heart.
by tangy February 14, 2005
to be obease, or extremelt over weight
Shawn is so over fed that he has to wear what ever fits, even if they are pastel colors.
by Tangy April 01, 2003
A grotesquely large man who thinks that he is well hung. Often times this creature is quite hairy and eats constantly (see over fed)
We call this guy at work yeti because he is so large.
by Tangy April 01, 2003
dumbass idiotic loser fool. in other words, this is a jonad.
jonad is a dilf.
all dilfs are jonads.
i hate jonad. die.
by tangy December 16, 2004
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