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1. Male version of a Cougar.

2. A married man who cheats on his wife, with one or more women of questionable repute.
Tiger Woods should have his name legally changed to 'Cheetah' Woods.
by tangledupinbloo December 12, 2009
n. Title

1. A word to use in place of "Czar" when discussing government bureaucrats appointed to supposedly advisory positions.

2. A word to use in place of "official" or "authority" when discussing those who have no official authority over anything.

3. Your boss

4. Leader of any fraternal organization.
The Economic Poobah announced today that All's Well.
by tangledupinbloo December 08, 2009
1. Something that's so vile and disgusting, it makes you want to barf.

2. Something that's so funny, you 'spew' whatever you're drinking all over your computer.

3. May be a combination of 1 and 2.
Some of the things I've seen on the internet are truly spew-worthy.
by tangledupinbloo December 11, 2009
1. Person who is always in debate mode.

2. One who would argue if you said the sky is blue.

3. Person unable to converse normally.

4. One who thinks conversation is a competition.
I say, "Isn't the sky a pretty shade of blue today?"

Debaterbot responds, "Well, of course it's not REALLY blue at all. What you're seeing is light from the sun reaching your optic nerves through all the various gases in the atmosphere, notably oxygen and nitrogen. Not only gases, but particles of dust, ash, water vapor, contrails (don't get me started on contrails), bird droppings, ozone and .......... "

"ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...................................." :)
by tangledupinbloo December 08, 2009
1. A bitch. Ill-tempered, nasty, always spoiling for a fight, looking for a way to run someone else down, or taking something the wrong way. May be either gender.

2. A fast-moving bitch that will roll up behind you and smack you in the head (verbally or otherwise) without warning and for no good reason.

3. A bitch who can't stand it if he/she isn't getting all the attention, all the time.
In any "reality TV" show, there is at least one "bitch on roller skates" who can't get along with anyone else and always has to be the center of attention.
by tangledupinbloo December 07, 2009
One who digs deep for old or valuable chat board threads.

One who recognizes the historical and/or cultural value of old threads.

One who is bored with what's posted on page 1.
I'm so glad the Thread Miner was able to find that old thread!
by tangledupinbloo January 22, 2010
1. A person who can't utter a sentence without aiming an insult at someone.

2. A person who can't post on a chatboard without aiming an insult at someone.

3. A person who enjoys belittling others.
Mary says, "Isn't the sky a pretty shade of blue today?"

Insult-O-Matic replies, "You ignorant moron! Anyone with half a brain knows the sky isn't really blue. Why don't you pick up a book once in awhile and learn something?"
by tangledupinbloo December 12, 2009

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