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A bearded mammal who can be found at gyms, theaters, and poetry readings. A Myrl's typical diet includes muffins, subs, and a variety of supplements. While occasionally foraging for moist sustenance, a Myrl will mainly consume dry foods. A Myrl is a social creature. He will usually live in dens with up to three other companions. The Myrl's winter coat comes in throughout the month of November. If threatened, a Myrl will fill his fur with hundreds of sharp needles to ward off predators. It is not recommended to leave any cheese flavored crackers in areas with high Myrl populations, as Myrls have been known to find their way into food cabinets.
Where did all the Cheez-itz go?

I guess a Myrl got into them.

Who sang that wonderful Les Mis song?
It must have been a Myrl.
by tangerine35 December 08, 2012
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