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a freaky guy who is possibly deranged. descrines someone who has a 99% chance of being a serial killer. also could be a stalker
The kapto will always try to rape women
by tang April 18, 2005
"The most beautiful thing in the world. God's gift to human beings."
This was so not my definition. It was dictated by one who actually seems to be in this warped state of mind.
by Tang March 04, 2005
A fun game the kids are playing now a days.

1. Take a paper box or large crate
2. Force a person you hate (sieber or tate) into the box
3. Light the box on fire (homemade napalm makes it better)
4. Put a hose in the box
5. Sit on the box so they cannot escape
6. You have a Hellbox
They killed tate in the Hellbox.
by tang April 18, 2005
A homosexual guy who is a scumbag. His only friend is Tate. See: "Tate".
That sieber is wearing a pink shirt. FFFFFFAAAAAAAGGGGGG
by tang April 18, 2005
The best gang in the world. Its trademark is The Hellbox.
that bbhg is so hot right now
by tang April 18, 2005
Originating from random mathletes bored during the otherwise dull math meets which they attended, the phrase "HMC" is an abbreviation for "Hot Math Chick." Mathletes have been known to use the acronym sarcastically or more rarely seriously.
Man, check out the size of the polynomials on that HMC!
by Tang April 18, 2005
A gay looking kid at bowling who hangs out with paperbag girls and has hair that looks like pubic hair. He is short and gay and talks in a high voice.

"I have more manhood in half of my left testicle than that fag has in his whole body!" was a quote by DTrain to perfectly describe pubes.
"I have more manhood in half of my left testicle than that fag pubes has in his whole body!"
by tang April 18, 2005

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