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From the words: Bathroom Acoustics
1. When the walls of the bathroom seem to amplify every rectal sound by thousands and give a sense of echoing.

2. Phenomena that occurs when you sing in the shower. Even if you sing very quietly the whole neighborhood hears you and it sounds like shit.
"hey steve pull my finger!"
"wait! go into the bathroom i want the full surround sound bacoustic"

Fred and Jim go past a house in the morning and hear crap singing coming the bathroom:
"damn, hes got bad bacoustics!"
"thats jay-z house ass rag!! and hes not in the bathroom, thats his recording room"
by tampinhas07 February 17, 2008
1. farting in someone's mouth and then lite it while they blow out, through their nose or mouth.

2. when your breath smells so bad of fart that if you lit a match your breath would catch fire
dammit! tommy's got dragon breath, he threw up and didn't wash.

"quick! jimbo passed out, let's give him some magic dragon breath to wake him up!" - how they all laughed as they saw jimbo breath out fire!
by tampinhas07 February 17, 2008

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