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Probably the most extreme, physically tiring form of dancing in the world. Either competed or performed, highland dancing is both mentally and physically exhausting. Dancers hop on one foot, performing a variety of difficult dance moves, sometimes including leaps in the air, dancing over crossed swords, and other such challenges. Dancers compete the highland dances in kilts and jackets and/or vests, and perform the national dances in the aboyne costume. A white or blue sailor's costume is worn for the Sailor's Hornpipe. More liberties are taken with the outfit for the Scottish Jig.

All the dances are performed wearing the soft shoe ghillie, similar to the ballet slipper.The one exception is the Scottish Jig; it is performed in hard heeled shoes with metal attached the the bottom of the heel that make clacking noises.

The dances include the:
Seann Truibhas
Strathspey and Highland Reel
Strathspey and Half Tulloch
Strathspey, Highland Reel and Half Tulloch
Full Tulloch
Barracks Johnny
Blue Bonnets
Village Maid
Scotch Measure
Earl of Errol
Highland Dancing is spectacular to watch.
by tammy_k August 10, 2008
Scottish and Celtic activities usually held in a park or fairgrounds. Competitors come from all over to compete in a variety of competitions, including highland dancing, scottish country dancing, the caber toss, sheepdog trials and other various sports. Guests are entertained by thousands of pipe bands and endless bagpipe music, and can enjoy authentic Scottish food, such as haggis, meatpies, and bangers (British hotdogs).
1. "Och aye, are ye going to the highland games this weekend?"
by tammy_k August 10, 2008

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