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An extremely beautiful girl who laughs a lot. A Brianna is always a very nice person and an amazing girlfriend. She is so amazing and perfect and fun to talk to. I love her. Brianna tends to get distracted very easily.

She is always protected by a Joey, so don't fuck with her, or else a ninja will come after you with his extreme ninja skills.
Dude, I told you not to mess with Brianna, now that ninja is going to kick your ass.
by tameron January 05, 2013
Another way to tell someone to fuck off
Fuck fuck fuck a duck,
screw your uncle scrooge,
bang bang an orangutan,
and your momma too.
by Tameron December 29, 2007
song to the tone of row row row a boat.
Fuck fuck fuck a duck,
screw a kangaroo,
bang bang an orangutan,
you can do it too.
by Tameron December 29, 2007

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