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A particular type of flatulence wherein the fart produces a short, sharp snap or pop and nothing more, as opposed to a long, drawn out tone or a raspberry.
I leaned back in my chair and accidentally let a snap fart go at the office, but I don't think anyone noticed.

I was walking behind this guy and he totally snap farted and tried to play it off as a cough.
by Talmanes December 01, 2006
An invented term for any nonspecific body part when one doesn't know the real name. Generally used to help describe vague illness or discomfort, as a placeholder until the actual name is learned, or in jest. The word was originally used on the cartoon "Muppet Babies" to describe a torture device, but came into usage as a generic anatomical term because it sounds so authentically biological.
Shit, I have a belly ache--I think my scrabula is swollen.

Keith went to the doctor because he fell off of his skateboard and broke his scrabula or some shit.

Person 1: "The New Human Anatomy." Huh. What about that book do you think is "new," man?
Person 2: Maybe it contains the human scrabula this time.
by Talmanes December 01, 2006
Phrase used to describe something which is not heterosexual, it would literally be applied toward homosexuality. It is, however, more often applied pejoratively to negative situations, being used in place of gay when saying that something is lame or stupid.
Dude, you ate all of my donuts? That is so not hetero.

Seriously, guys, you need to stop talking about how often you watch America's Next Top Model. It's not hetero.

When Jess and Steve sit together on the bench with their arms around each other, I want to say it's seriously not hetero, but I know they're straight.
by Talmanes December 01, 2006
A nonspecific adjective that could possibly be derived from the Greek monster, the gorgon. The obvious meaning would be "monstrous," but the word is actually employed in any number of circumstances to mean huge, pungent, powerful, loud, old, and a variety of other things. In truth, it is meant to be a false adjective, thrown into sentences to see if people are truly listening or if they're just pretending to understand what you say.
It was a truly gorgonic experience... you know what I mean?

The thing was huge and scary, pracitally gorgonic!

Why does everyone keep saying "gorgonic" to me? Is that even a word?
by Talmanes December 01, 2006
An adjustment to the expression "You're dead to me," which implies that the target may as well be dead in the speaker's eyes, "You're dude to me" is a statement generally made by men to platonic female friends that the speaker no longer sees as women (and therefore objects of lust). Said mostly in jest or in protest to accusations of hitting on said female friends.
Jamie, I would never grab your ass. You're dude to me.

Oh, that is just disgusting -- look at those hairy pits! You're totally dude to me now!

Girl: Do you think I'm hot?
Guy: You're attractive, but you're dude to me.
by Talmanes March 30, 2007
1, n. Slang term for the head, specifically the top of the head when used in a headbutt. Obviously, it refers to the idea that if you punch with your knuckles, a headbutt uses one big knuckle.
2, v. To headbutt someone, aka "give 'em the big knuckle."
Did you see that? Zinedine Zidane just gave that dude the big knuckle!

Ooh, right to the face with the big knuckle! Looks like his skull knocked out a few of his opponent's teeth!

Good answer--that's using the big knuckle.
by Talmanes December 20, 2006
Noun, plural & singular. A portmanteu of vagina and Jedi, it has multiple meanings.

1. a gynecologist, especially one with mad skillz.
2. a person (male or female) who is an expert at seducing women.
3. a woman using a brightly-colored dildo or vibrator, especially one in bright red or green that makes a low humming sound.
1. I'm Dr. Obi-GYN Kenobi, your gynecologist, and I'm a Vajedi Master. Don't underestimate the power of the Forceps.

2. Tyson hooked up with another chick? Man, that guy's a fucking Vajedi!

3. That webcam chick was going at it with a glowing green vibrator like some kind of Vajedi Knight.
by Talmanes April 16, 2007

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