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A portmanteauof "retarded" and "petard," it describes a plan backfiring on you in such a way that you are left looking utterly ridiculous. It combines the concept of retarded--which is to say mentally deficient--and the phrase "hoisted by your own petard," which means to have damage done to you by the means you had intended to employ to damage others. A petard is an explosive used to break down barricades in warfare, and so petarded can also mean "blown up," in some circumstances.
You ratted Dan out for stealing that camera, but in doing so proved that you were his accomplice? Dude, you're petarded.

Jim just petarded the front door trying to take out his ex, but the door blew up and a shard of it went through his windshield. Totally petarded.
by Talmanes December 01, 2006
A phrase used to describe the actions of someone who gives copious amounts of oral sex, well above what most people would consider an average amount for a sexually active person. As job is to career, so blow job is to blow career--someone who gives "blow careers" has almost taken oral sex to an extreme level, pursuing it as if there's some sort of reward in the afterlife for people who give that much head.
Man, Suzie went down on the entire football team at the party last week. That girl doesn't just give blow jobs--she's got a blow career!

I thought my last girlfriend was good about oral, but this girl I'm seeing now comes out of nowhere with it sometimes. I get head two, three times a day without asking, like it's her blow career.

Dude, I feel sorry for Tyrone. His ass went to prison and bitched out, and now he's got himself a blow career on the inside.
by Talmanes December 01, 2006
The combination of "Irish" and "Italian," generally referring to the very common American descendants of Irish and Italian immigrants. For some strange reason, the two tend to be drawn together.
Johnny took six shots and then made out with Kirsten? Damn, those Iretalians don't play!
by Talmanes October 05, 2006
An action taken by rotund men and women wherein a dropped item is bounced off of a protruding gut rather than caught or allowed to hit the floor. This is often done with food, but can be done with any item dropped above the abdomen. When performed from a seated position, this maneuver is almost always effective, though it may have unfortunate side-effects (such as getting condiments on clothing).
I was taking my vitamins earlier and dropped one, but I totally belly blocked it onto the table.

That dude totally just belly blocked that hacky sack back into play.
by Talmanes December 11, 2006
Originally a surname from the Phillipines (most notably Eustaquio Daligdig, a Filipino hero who was said to be invulnerable to bullets and possessed the ability to fly, making him the Filipino Superman), the word's alliteration is so fun to say aloud that is occasionally used as a replacement for the word delicious, and has become a statement of satisfaction or pleasure, and sometimes just on its own as an exclamation of exuberance.
That donut is delicious--nay, daligdig.

You bought Guitar Hero II for me? Oh, daligdig!

by Talmanes December 01, 2006
A. 1. n. Combining the words "beer" and "beef" to mean a beer whose smoky or rich aftertaste reminds you of meat. Generally a dark beer or heavy lager.

B. 1. v. Combining the words "beer" and "barf" to mean vomiting caused by consumption of alcohol (primarily beer). 2. n. The product of vomiting caused by consumption of alcohol (primarily beer).
Man, taste this--I think the flavor is rich enough to be considered beerf.

Man, let me get some more of that beerf! I'm hungry!

Oh, dude... I think I'm gonna beerf. Get me a bucket.

Disgusting! I've got beerf all over my shoes!
by Talmanes March 01, 2006
The words "Dude, I'll kill you" all slurred together without pause, often muttered under one's breath to a friend who is about to either say or do something stupid that will result in negative repercussions to you. More a warning than an actual threat.
Dudeillkillyou. I know what you're about to say about me sleeping with his sister.

Put down the water balloon. Dudeillkillyou.

by Talmanes December 01, 2006

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