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2 definitions by talie_d

Bewliers are a group of fans of Twilight actor Charlie Bewley.

Spurned from the UK branch of Team Bewley.
Charlie B fan one : "Dude how cool is charlie bewley?"
Charlie B fan two: " I know, how cool are the bewliers?"
Charlie B fan one: "Bewliers? What are they?"
Charlie B fan two: " Dude you ain't a bewley fan till you're an official bewlier - everyone knows that!"
by talie_d January 07, 2010
25 5
Team Bewley are a group of fans for the actor Charlie Bewley famous for acting in the Twilight saga.

There are quite a few Team Bewleys the most popular/famous arguably being the bewliers.
Twilight fan: "Team Edward or Jaacob?"
Twilight fan two: " neither it's all about team bewley"
by talie_d January 07, 2010
20 16