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3 definitions by takumi

coined by an adult swim bumper, circus atari eludes to the random but entertaining qualities of anime cartoons and general mayhem in the adult swim offices.
"Yo, this is like Circus Atari up in here!"
by takumi August 27, 2003
when u are really lost!
hey! do u know what happend?
- iduntbelief?
by takumi June 12, 2003
Toyota AE86 - Corolla Levin & Trueno.
A well over rated RWD Toyota Corolla, made popular by the Initial D japanimation.
Powered by either a 4AC or 4AGE, in stock form they are really just a shopping trolley. Although most Initial D wannabe's claim the car is gods gift to drifting.
I am teh dorifto king in my sprintah!!!!11
by Takumi April 28, 2005