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Person who doesn't know how to speak or write in spanish properly. They use to start their phrases with HOIGAN or HOYGAN (listen, in english). Most of them are from America Latina.

This name is also used to refer to the language HOYGANS speak.
"HOIGAN, nesesito ayuda con esto"
"Hoygan, kiero roms pronto ya"
"Hoigan, podrn desirme ke s un klitoris"
#hoigan #spanish #famigo #hoygan #mexico
by takoitus December 12, 2007
Spanish word that defines: freak, weirdo, geek, nerd, guru, otaku, mangaka, comic liker, book reader, videogame player, film lover and any other person whose likings are not cars, chiks and soccer. You may only like movies, but as a "friki" you like all the other stuff, look weird or act clumsy.

Used as a pejorative word most of the times by ignorant people. "Friki" people calls them gilipollas.
"He likes movies, he's a friki"
"He's reading, he's a friki"
"He likes videogames, he's a friki"
"He likes anime, he's a friki"
"He likes manga, he's a friki"
"He acts weird, he's a friki"
"He likes basketball, he's a friki"
"He's watching a subtitled American show, he's a friki"
"He's reading something in another language, what a friki"
"He's programming, he's such a friki"
#friki #spanish #freak #nerd #weirdo #geek
by takoitus December 12, 2007
Go to FAMIGO for all the info.
"What a great idea, famigo"
"Gimme a link to your blog hamigo"
"Let's be hamigos"
#hamigo #famigo #friend #hoygan #spanish
by takoitus December 12, 2007
HOYGAN word for spanish word "amigo", friend. Also HAMIGO could be used.
Nice picture, famigo!
#hamigo #famigo #friend #hoygan #spanish
by takoitus December 12, 2007
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