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The most hideouis form of man kind.
Usually the scummiest of all scum.

You KNOW you have come across a Fezza when you see somthing resemballing a ghost comming towards you in baggy over sized pants, multiple layers of tops (despite it being a 40degree day) top layer MUST consist of a baggy hoodie and a cap.
Eyes are usually sunken in n dopey, slanty, watery n YUCK after hangin out in some dark hiden place smoking a few bongs aka. weed with other fezza'z.

Their convasations will consist of nothing but Sluts they have apparently fk'd in the most random positions (keep in mind its probz BS, the only way to tell if ther stories are true is if they have aids - coz ne1 slutty enuf to go near them would defs have aids), also ther fkn siicck as graff peices n bombing trains.
Sometimes they might even talk about ther MASSIVE BIG weekend that they are still recovering from, that consisted of them hiding out in some really scummy place too high off god only knows what to even move!!!
Usually use words like KHUNT, MAYT... or sentences like
who the fuck do ya think yu are khunt, your fkn O.D'in me mayt.
howz ya misses going son, herd yu fcukd the bitch so hard she was screamin ya name u sick khunt, so how much longa till the mini yu mayt?

person 1 -OMG, its like 40degrees and that Fezza is dressed for winter

person 2- i know, and look at that thing that he probz calls his GF next to him

Person 1- i Know, they make a sunny day seem such shit

Person 2- yeahh, they smell too... makes me sick,
by takethat! October 13, 2008

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