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This is a common form of reasoning about pwnage and is commonly accepted in most formal pwning systems. In the general form it states:
A Pwns B
If A has happened,
then we know that B has been pwned.

Chuck Norris Pwns all Mortals
Socrates is mortal.
Chuck Norris has happened,
therefore by modus pwnens Socrates has been pwned.

This example is also valid with "you are" and "you have" in place of "Socrates is" and "Socrates has" respectively.

Note: It is well known that only an oracle (i.e. Chuck Norris) can decide if Chuck Norris Pwns non mortals.
by taiyo June 06, 2007
P.W.N.E.D. is often written after the statement of a definition or description. Each letter stands for:

(this P.W.N.E.D. once again stands for P.W.N.E.D. With Necessary Erat Demonstrandum, and so on Ad infinitum)

See modus pwnens for example. Also the definition above is an example for the use of P.W.N.E.D.
by taiyo June 06, 2007

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