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To ejaculate into anothers male or females happy highway(a happy trail that is way to fucking big) then force the person to eat it off
Hooker number12- can u just give me a hairy lester i cant handle any more cumshots in my face
Tainty salad- i dont see why either way this is going in your mouth
#chicken winger #creamy sanchez #bumhole suprise #happy highway #4 plus 4
by tainty salad April 30, 2011
to consume wine from ones penis hole apon ejaculation
hooker number12- hey tainty salad wanna frothy frenchman?
Tainty salad- helllllll yeah let me go get the funnel
#haley miller #hairy lester #chicken winger #creamy sanchez #hoot
by tainty salad April 30, 2011
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