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A word to describe a Chubby person especially describing his/her belly as similar to a 'hula hoop'.
Damn Bumi, stop eating so much, you look like a Chubalub.
by Tadowta April 23, 2006
A slang to call anyone, not only a black person, a HOE!
Did that nigga Howie tap that ass last night? Nah, that jigga hoe was being a lil bitch.

Yo yo, I'm a Giggalo, I ain't no jigga Hoe.
by Tadowta January 11, 2006
A Quality Assurance Engineer who is fast and adept at analytic and problematic thinking. The Dojo is dependable by his Manager and is considered a leader to his peers.
We will be testing Build 44 which might be the Release candidate tonight. Let's get QA Dojo in here and try to break this Piece of Shit software.
by Tadowta August 03, 2007
A word to describe an unborn female baby in the first to third trimester.
Jumba, daddy luvs you.
How are you doing jumba?
by Tadowta January 03, 2006
Excessively doing something.
A graving or lust.
I was all up in ya mama last night!!
I wanted to put Deez Nutz all up in ya smurf.
by Tadowta April 15, 2006
A heckler that heckles during a tech forum.
Let's make the presentation only 1 hour, just in case the teckler has a lot of questions.
by tadowta January 23, 2009
A derogatory slang for a chinese person who talks and acts gay.
What do you want you fucken ChinkGay?
Tell that mofo Karry to stop acting like a ChinkGay.
by Tadowta January 10, 2006
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