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Where people that have the desire to keep there pants on, but hang there dicks out of their pants, like to hang out.
Stiffler: "I just want to hang out with my wang out, I just want to rock out with my cock out."

Hey, I heard there's gonna be a big wang out hang out in Jess and Jen's room tonight.
by Taco September 10, 2003
Stands for Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off Peeing In My Pants With Tears In My Eyes
Guy: Tub Girl
A Japanese woman spraying watery shit into her own mouth. May possibly be the most beautiful picture ever taken.

Girl:MAy Possibly Be The Most Beautiful Picture Taken? rotflmaopimpwtime
by Taco April 17, 2004
A Skateboarder
Guy: Wood Pushers Rock!
Guy: Shut up Poser >\
by Taco April 17, 2004
Late night mythical creature bred it's sympathy and helpful nature. Savior and Transporter to the shoeless Taco.
S: "Hey T! What's 1 word to describe me"

T: "Ooo-B-Doo"
by Taco March 14, 2005
Javanese for Java on IRC
Java: I R Teh Jahvah `-`
by Taco April 17, 2004
Javanese for Idiot
Guy: Shut up Java >\
Girl: Shut Up Idiet
by Taco April 17, 2004
means extensive use of crapping on about shit on a website that is no correlation to a chat room or place of random net-hook ups what so ever
"hey guys, this is urban dictionary, so why dont you fuck off ... MD/DC :D"
by taco February 02, 2004

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