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to defecate a large mass of sheeit.
i dropped a doogan on her mom's face, it was nasty.
by tommy February 18, 2004
Movie found on Ebaums world involving 2 guys singing about breakfast in sync.
Guy 1: Milk and Cereal!
Guy 2: Milk and Cereal!
Guy 1: Cereal and Milk!
Guy 2: Cereal and Milk!
by tommy December 17, 2004
"We call it sticky sticky, but ya'll like to call it pot"
by Tommy March 25, 2003
lateearly The mixture of late and early. The period of time between 4-6 a.m. after staying awake all night. It is "late" from the previous day, yet "early" for the current day.
Man I woke up latearly today.
by Tommy April 18, 2005
a big gathering of sound people
there is a big crewage in the park
by tommy April 26, 2005
From the word 'puny' meaning below average in size. Punite has evolved into a derogatory word meaning a man with a small penis.
Fuck off you punite, I've had it up to here with you.
by tOmmy April 26, 2004
The sweat on your grundel
wabt to drink my grundel honey?
by Tommy January 19, 2005
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